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Typically our full 8 month courses start in October.  Two times per week, 60 minutes per class.

Generally coursebooks are used-student and workbook.  This provides a structure and order that is easy to follow for student and parent.  The coursebooks are only a guide as classes are dynamic with a students changing needs.  Very often a lesson may deviate or additional material introduced to help reinforce a previous lesson or help prepare for a coming lesson.

We also do 3 month courses, which may be more suited to teenagers and adults.

We offer private and group classes.  If you cannot come to us, we can come to you.

We offer English to corporate clients where we come to you.  Whether your business is small or large, we can provide a course that suits your needs.

Course Materials

All coursebooks are provided to you at cost price. What I pay, you pay. Nothing more.
Everything else is provided. No need to think or worry about, writing books, pens, pencils, erasers, paper, printouts are all supplied with the course.


We know for one reason to another that it's not always possible to attend class. Never miss out, we can send your course material via email or Viber.
Snacks and drinks are welcome.


Often during class and as an interactive, a projector is used. This can be used for group or private lessons to help deliver additional information. Further usage is of online supplemental games.
Payment is on a per-month plan to help you with budgeting costs.
All kids are different, we know that. Because of that, we do not tolerate bullying of any nature. Parents will be immediately informed.
Despite the current 'pandemic' conditions, prior to pre-opening in October 2021, James Regents language school is operating at near-to-full capacity. If interested in any of our courses, please, get in touch via email, Viber, phone to arrange a short chit-chat and about availability.

Our Classes

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Kids: 5-6 years

Phonics foundation skills

This is where your child will have fun learning correct pre-writing skills critical for child development along with basic letter sound knowledge.

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Kids: 6-8 years

Developmental phonics

By the end of this course your child will learn the alphabetic code and will be able to read and write correct basic English.

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Kids: 8-12 years

Language acquisition

At this stage your child will be learning a mixture of advanced phonics alongside simple grammar.  Advanced reading, writing and spelling rules.

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Teens: 13-19 years

Beginners to advanced

We have three levels of English for teenagers-beginners to advanced along with conversational English and private lessons.

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Adults: Private & Groups

Beginners to advanced

Our adult classes cover two levels-beginners to intermediate along with, private classes and conversational English.

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Business: Teens & Adults

Business English skills

We introduced business for teens alongside business for adults skills.  If thinking of starting a business, this could be good for you.

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