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If you are looking for a language school that has a regimented, sit down, open your books, ask no questions approach then James Regents is not the language school for you or your child.

We learn to further our education.  They say we learn from our mistakes.  Then may we continue to further our education and learning by making many new mistakes.

We Know How to Deal with Kids-EVEN GROWN UP KIDS

A Little About Us

James Regents is a small English language centre run by a native British teacher. 

Our classes start from 5 years of age all the way through to adults.

The motto of James regents is ‘For the real World’ because we believe that education in general, does not prepare one, for the real world but rather for a restrictive, conformist, do not ask questions, robotic view of the world.

There are no right nor wrong questions but a matter of how the question is worded and structured.  In all our classes from kids to adults we thoroughly encourage creativity, free, critical-thinking and to ask questions, a think out of the box approach.  Entrepreneurial thinking, we encourage you to go after your dream because you can, be successful in anything you want, if the right positive thinking process is in place.

While enrolled  in James Regents, you can be ensured your child will get the very best.  If your child is hungry or thirsty, they are allowed to snack and drink because a hungry or thirsty child, will be distracted.  

If you are interested in learning more about our courses and in James Regents language centre, simply click the orange button below and that will take you to our courses page, on our sister site (jamesregents.club) which will open up in a new window or send us a message below in our contact page and say a, hi. 🙂  If Viber is easier for you, the number, is below in our contact section.

Our sister site-jamesregents.club is a designed social site where you can enrol on courses, create a profile, join a group, a forum, read our blogs, find resources and much much more.  It is a brand new website, which is still a work-in-progress.  I hope you enjoy and participate in it.  Any questions or thoughts, fire away.  I’ll be happy to receive them.

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