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A Little About Us

James Regents is an English language centre run by a native British teacher.  

With, James Regents the approach is simple-keep it relaxed, openness, flexible and fun.

We start classes with kids as young as 5 years old in the phonics methodology., starting with pre-writing skills, alphabetic code, letter sounds, correct letter formation through to, writing, reading and language acquisition all the way to, teenagers and adult classes.  

To learn more about our classes and about James regents language centre, simply click on the below yellow button or fill in our contact page and send us a, hi. 🙂

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Our Classes

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Kids: 5-6 years

Phonics Foundation Skills

This is where your child will have fun learning correct pre-writing skills critical for child development along with basic letter sound knowledge.

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Kids: 6-8 years

Developmental Phonics

By the end of this course your child will learn the alphabetic code and will be able to read and write correct basic English.

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Kids: 8-12 years

Language Acquisition

At this stage your child will be learning a mixture of advanced phonics alongside simple grammar.  Advanced reading, writing and spelling rules.

Teens: 13-19 years

Beginners to Advanced

We have three levels of English for teenagers-beginners to advanced along with conversational English and private lessons.

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Adults: Private & Groups

Beginners to Intermediate

Our adult classes cover two levels-beginners to intermediate along with, private classes and conversational English.

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Business: Teens & Adults

Business Thinking Skills

We introduced business for teens alongside business for adults skills.  If thinking of starting a business, this could be good for you.

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